SEX TRUTHS 2 (Singles’ Version)


“And ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you free”

John 8:32

16. Sex is very attractive and interesting yet pre-marital sex can be

very distracting and destructive.

17. Having pre-marital Sex for even the shortest possible time has a
lifelong and eternal consequence, think!

18. Those who engage in pre-marital Sex reduce the chances of getting
married to each other and increase the chances of separation from each
other even if they do get married.

19. Sex was made for everyone one yet it’s not for just anyone. You
need to be married to qualify, yet you need to marry the right person
to be truly fulfilled.

20. The remote sensor to you sex organ is in your mind. The major way
to check your drive is to check your mind.

21. If Sex is involved, he can ‘use you’ and ‘dump you’. If Sex is not
involved, he can only lose you

22. Sex was not made to be secret; it was made to be Sacred.

23. Condoms may prevent pregnancy, but no condom can prevent the PENALTY.

24. There is nothing like ‘SAFE SEX’ outside the Marriage zone.

25. Sex between couples enhances bonding; Sex between singles is “bondage”.

26. Abstinence won’t kill you, Compromise and unholy conformity will.

27. Life is too short for experiments and rather too serious for casual sex.

28. Your future is too great to be slayed on the altar of untamed passion.

29. Virginity is a gift, the only way to appreciate it is to guard and
treasure it. The only way to reciprocate the kind gesture it is to
present it to the right person at the right and ideal time.

30. Pre-marital sex breaks trust and breeds post-marital suspicions.

If you make a commitment to respect the TRUTH, the rewards will overtake you…



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