I spell “Marriage” as “MAR-riage” to let you know that as good and beautiful as it is by design, it has the power to: vilify as well as dignify; distract as well as enhance; … Marriage is beautiful but not without the active cooperation of the two beings involved.
Marriage is a blessing only when each of the parties decide to “behave”.
A Marriage will not be successful just because two good people are involved. Many really good people have failed in Marriage, will you?
Better learn and grow if you don’t want to grumble, groan and leave… L. E. A. R. N.

MAR-riage is the most dangerous relationship to activate if/when not ready.
It is not for everyone! In fact, not compulsory irrespective of what society says.
It is good and it is from God but not meant for: The ignorant, the immature, the irresponsible, the … the unready. Marriage is not MAGIC! It won’t take the challenges you are running from away nor will it improve you as it were, it will EXPOSE YOU! And destroy you if not managed according to God’s standard for it. It can destroy!
Let God’s Word and worthy mentors guide you, above all- Be lead by the Spirit.

On a Serious Note: Are You Really Ready?
If you are not a proper single, you will be an improper spouse in marriage.
The idea of “Better-Half” is highly unscriptural hence, untrue!
An incomplete single, regardless of age or social status will an incomplete spouse at best.

What does it mean to be complete?
To be complete is to be able to manage YOU in the face of varied situations. Its more a out internal stamina than external validation and approval. May I say that if you still look at yourself more from others point of view or perception,you are pro ably not ready. If you see yourself more from just your personal view, you are still not near ready… If you still struggle to believe and embrace what God says about you let alone see yourself through His lenses, you will suffer perpetually from abuse and damaged self esteem. If this is your case please, don’t dare marriage!

Please carefully consider these:
1. No human dead or alive can complete you; not even your fiancé or fiancée!

And YE ARE COMPLETE IN HIM, which is the head of all principality and power:
(Colossians 2:10, KJV)

2. You will always feel insufficient and incompetent until you begin to understand and embrace the unquestionable and incontestable place of God!

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; BUT OUR SUFFICIENCY IS OF GOD;
(2 Corinthians 3:5, KJV)

Each time you feel low and empty, that must be a reminder for you to acknowledge God as your sole source of sufficiency and completion. Giving a human the right to your validation and acceptance is signing up for an unhappy life!

3. (a) If you love him, her or anyone else before or more than you love God, you are in for an imbalanced life!
Getting married to someone who loves even you more than he or she loves God will wreck you and the marriage.
Loving God first brings stability to your life.

(b) If you have not known God and embraced His Love, you are incapable of loving anyone right! No man can really love any man without the superior help of God. It is just not in us to love right. Man’s love is conditional by nature; God’s love is unconditional by nature and that’s the only kind that keeps and sustains relationships.

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
(1 John 4:8; KJV)

The 3 points above are basic factors of completion amongst other things …
Please think deep and look carefully before starting off… Singleness is a unique gift which should not be squandered or wasted!
Maximise it or else you’ll minimize or totally ruin the basis for a fulfilling (marital) life.

People don’t determine your readiness, you do!

(No one is worth going to hell for…! You are responsible for your end.)
#StartNow# Ade Owolabi say so!


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