The “Family Business”

Creation didn’t end with God in Genesis; it began with Him, to be continued by us.

He made man in His very image and likeness hence, man…YOU and I can continue the “family business” of CREATING.

He gave us the creative mind of Christ with the superior help of the Holy Spirit to enhance our creative abilities and to enhance our continued delivery.

There is no challenge in the world today that does not have a solution in one man or the other but ALAS, men will rather talk, complain, murmur, and write poems and stories and songs about the problems than do what he was created to do…

Why do people live in misery and frustration; why do people live in poverty and confusion? We have strayed from God, from PURPOSE and now pursue AMBITIONS divergent from the family business.

All the comfort and security is in the family business not in the alternative businesses.

We don’t create problems but solutions; that’s why we are PEACEMAKERS (Matthew 5:9). We don’t create trouble, where create SOLUTIONS that engender peace and fosters progress. That is WHO we are!

Do yourself a favour and consider your age, then ask yourself: “what have I been creating for THESE NUMBER OF YEARRRRRRRRRS?” Is your answer something to be proud of and published to inspire every other human.

We are all creators and have been creating things from age 8! People have created problems, insecurity, diseases, and a lot of bad things; others have created great apps, solutions, helpful products and services according to their call but YOU… what have you been creating? Is the World more in trouble because of YOU? Is the World more peaceful because of you? Will the world bless you or will it curse you? Have you decided to rob the world or to bless it?

I have a lot on my mind… I have seen so much that makes me wonder …ponder, bother, shiver, bitter, … but at the same time, if you don’t rise up to your responsibility, God will raise “stones”.

Hmmmm…. You have no idea what stones can do. Did God really mean stones in that sense?

Just you wait while I get my thoughts together and I will let you know. But till then, #StartNOW#

Ade Owolabi says so!


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