Robbing God is not limited to erring in tithes and offerings …

Hidding or keeping what He has done is robbing Him of the glory due to Him!

Testimonies produce after their kind, just like living things do; testimonies are LIVING PROOFS of Gods goodness!
Do you realize that sometimes, God does certain things for you simply bbecauseHe wants to reach someone through you? Testimonies not shared may deny someone his/her chances of partaking of the same benefits; this is not within your purview to do, you are simply a man through whom God chooses to express His abilities and blessings!
When you share testimonies amongst others, you reflect His UNPARALLELED ABILITIES. You showcase Him and not yourself; why would He not be challenged ro do morw for you? How will the glory inherrent in thise blessing be attributed to Him (the doer) if you don’t testify of Him? Besides, your story are meant to deliver and encourage others in similar or worse ‘terrain’.

Is there anything in or about your life that only God could have made happen? Don’t keep it to yourself or you’ll be guilty of robbing God.

If God is against you, who can help or deliver you?

Those testimonies are HIS NOT YOURS; Repent and SHARE!

Be warned…

(…as inspired by the Holy Spirit)

Please share and save lives…‚Äč


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