The Woman as a “HELPER” (Genesis 2:18)



Woman; you are many things put together.

Your place is incontestable; your significance is unquestionable; whoever questions your worth has God Himself to answer to.

You were taken out of MAN because you were meant to be FIT for him.

You were called a HELPER by God because that is your Divine CALL: to help him be ALL God has put in him to be. Do you realize that you are called the same thing the HOLY SPIRIT is to us- HELPER! This requires that you learn to walk with the Holy Spirit to effectively fulfill your role and not abuse it or usurp the God given authority of the man.

You are equal to him hence, be equal to the task!  If you don’t match the task that necessitated your being, you have failed as a woman!

You are a HELPER not a threat; a helper not a competition; a helper not a hindrance; a

Helper not an enemy; a helper not his boss; a helper not his head; a helper not his source; Be faithful to your core assignment which is to be a FITTING HELP for HIM.

Are you doing anything that does not promote the fulfillment of his purpose? You might need to repent before the God that made you for him and gave you to him.

Marriage was designed to multiply results and impact and not numbers; if one chases a thousand; two is to put a minimum of ten thousand to flight!  A ‘good-Two’ is better than one, your being a part of his life should translate into a better him; why should he have

Probably been better off without you in the picture? Please THINK!

YES; I am aware that he could sometimes be difficult but then, that’ll be your chance to

Prove your love; loyalty and stand for peace rather fight back by making a case or a point.

You will always have a choice: to make your point or to make peace! Sometimes, you

Must choose to stoop to conquer and not fight to “WIN” at the detriment of everything a

Marriage should be.

Being a wife is CONSISTENT WORK not a status as it were; it is a function and a ministry!

You are to be an extension of the HOLY SPIRIT in your husband’s life: to remind him of his dreams, vision and goals; to make him run and achieve; to encourage and comfort him when he is down; to defend him and not to defeat him,  If you are not purposefully helping him, you are working against him and against God’s WILL.

Nursing a vision or idea that is divergent to his’ is a basis for Division (or  Divorce),  which God clearly hates (Malachi 2:16). You are far better off not getting married than getting married  and  promoting  a vision/course  that is against God’s  design and purpose.  You marriage must promote God’s agenda not repel it.

Your  “Ministry of HELP” should be a ministry of HOPE to your spouse, not to be left entirely to the mercy of his laxities; your role is YOUR ROLE.  Please be STRONG, that way, you are  fulfilling the ministry. Your spouse may not be the best of men but you have been positioned by God to play your part while you inspire and provoke the best in him; that is your role and your duty to God.

Your man should have less excuse because he has God and he has YOU! Be his reason, not his excuse.

  • Consider the wisdom in a short analysis I learnt from a wise man:

It takes  a king  marrying a lady to make her a  queen;  but a man does not automatically become a king by marrying a queen. If you desire to be queen, take your place  by  your husband’s  side; support him the best  way  you can  …help him and see what becomes of you.

Your unwavering support for your husband, to HELP him achieve the best of God for him will make a queen out of you!



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