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No adult ever has the time for anything he or she doesn’t create the time for.

If you consider that task, mission, or vision worthwhile, create TIME for it!

There is really NO TIME except the one you CREATE!‚Äč

Many folks erroneoisly believe they have lots of time on their side, especially those who have some form or degree of inclination that they’re still YOUNG!

You feel you have time untill it dawns on you that you are no longer that ‘baby girl’ or ‘baby boy’. The older you get, the more you realize that you seem to have less and less time since more things are competing for attention.

Time is the most valuable resource in life, only those who value it are ‘rewarded’ by it. Those who don’t value it join the league of ‘disadvantaged’ folks.

Time is not a friend or relative to anyone, time is simply TIME!

No one is powerful enough to waste time, we only waste ourselves! Rime is time anywhere in the world; an hour in the US will not become 10 hours in Canada.

Stop wishing, start doing, START LIVING!

Lack of FOCUS kills dreams! There is no time to DO EVERYTHING!