If only you know how powerful and privileged you are as one.
If only you knew how much grace God had given you right from the start.
If only you knew that you are in no way inferior to ANY MAN including YOURS.
If only you knew and understood your role in the man’s life; you would not be involved in any form of opposition/competition with him. And amazingly, your husband will have the leverage to be a better and more successful man (thanks to you!). If only you knew that you were not an after-thought like many folks erroneously believe; you have always had a significant role to play in God’s unparalleled agenda on earth.
If only you knew that you where designed to bring HIM (God & your man) good every day of your life.

If only you knew that your essence is beyond ‘the other room‘ as ignorant men think.
If only you knew that the greatness of your man largely depends on YOU and not just HIM.
If only you knew your role as a value adder and not a home breaker.
If only you knew that your makeup (design) makes you more powerful and ‘sophisticated’ than most men will ever know.

WOMAN; YOU ignorantly judge and measure your worth and completeness by your menstrual cycle, your looks, your figure/physique, your legs, your skin, the cost of your cosmetics, your  public rating/social acceptance, your mood, your possession/your husband’s, your background, the number of men you are capable of slaying in the least possible time, your position, your … but none of these really means much if you have not discovered who and what you are without these things.

WOMAN; do you want to know the truth? The Abuse of the feminine gender thrives on your ignorance of who you really are as a woman and what good you are capable of.

I challenge you to LOOK UP (to God via His word and prayer), LOOK WITHIN (and discover how much abilities and solutions that are at the potential risk of never being tapped into), LOOK AROUND YOU (and see the questions and challenges that God has blessed and empowered you to answer and solve). In the end, you’d realize your spouse was not your problem; it had been your ignorance of YOU all along.
I am a man; Not a Chauvinist!


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