Real MEN …
Ignorant Men Are Disrespectful
REAL Men Know Better

The beauty of the TRUTH is in the KNOWING; the beauty of KNOLEDGE is in the UNDERSTANDING of it, the beauty of understanding is in the WISDOM it produces when applied. This brings unusual freedom (John 8:32).

Ignorance is bondage!

No one can conquer the TRUTH, it’s only a matter of time before you get weary fighting what cannot be defeated!

Everyone is ultimately accountable to God; the man is yet held more accountable by God. When man fell, the man was His first point of call.

In Genesis 25, Isaac’s wife had been barren and must have cried out to God a number of times for a child but when the MAN took the initiative to present his wife’s case before the Lord, He answered! How effective will your prayers to God be if you despise the help He gave you? What kind of account will you give God concerning your place and role in her life?

Fellow men, ‘fighting’ women is fighting against God!
If God says you need a helper, you must be an ignoramus to think otherwise!
A man who antagonizes his own helper must be in sane!
Yes, God made the WOMAN for the man and not the other way round; this simply implies that man must be responsible for ‘what’ has been made FOR HIM! …otherwise, God sees you (men) as Irresponsible and highly disrespectful!
Show me a man that looks down on a woman and you have seen one who has prophesied His own doom!
God is too wise to make mistakes, too wise to be corrected!
One who despises his helper has automatically drawn the ‘shame line‘ and pressed the ‘reproach button‘; he who acknowledges his helper has automatically helped himself.
If you still doubt or contest the true place of the woman, you are HELPLESS! A man who dishonours, despises, or disregards his wife disrespects the ONE who gave her to him.

Only the STRONG can handle the TRUTH, it takes rare bravery to embrace it.
Chauvinism is a peculiar case of weakness and ignorance of the mind; I am a man but not a chauvinist…I KNOW THE TRUTH and I embrace it! I advise you do the same or choose to pay a heavy prive for defaulting.

A real man is not threatened by the abilities, capabilities or potentials of his woman. His place is to nurture and bring out the best in her hence, enhancing the basis for her support. Men, please be a MAN and not a chauvinist.


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  1. Awesome post Ade 😊. I just loved it so much !!

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