Your gifts and talents are peculiar tools from God for you to work with.

Your work is to discover, refine/develop and use/unleash them to serve and impact the world with, in a positive way.

Any job that doesn’t help develop or maximize your God given abilities are not right for you in the long run; it might be okay for a short while though.

Whether or not you engage those gifts/abilities positively or otherwise, God will not take them away from you. However, it’ll be irresponsible of you to despise or neglect those abilities for they were purposefully given to you to fulfill a definite purpose in Gods master plan for the world. (Rm 11:29)

Maximising your gift will bring honour to you and glory to God; you deny yourself the honour and God, the glory when you hide/ignore or despise what you have! (Matt.5:14-16)

God is so purposeful and deliberate that He never gives anyone anything for decoration/fancy but for a rather strategic reason or course. Do tou realise that even your eye brow/lashes serve unique functions?

If you have discovered some things about yourself, putting those things to use will open incredible doors of impact and meaning and also open you up to discovering other potentials.

If you are yet to discover your innate abilities, pour yourself into opportunities to serve in whatever capacity possible and that’ll be a good start! (Eccl.9:10)

We all shall be accountable to God in the end; many are hungry and probably suffering from challenges for which you have been graced to solve. God saw ahead and generously ‘pre-loaded’ you with gifts and privileges that’ll cater for those specific ‘preconceived’ needs of others; it is outrightly an act of disobedience not to deploy those gifts to meet those needs.

It is a great privilege to be used of God to serve humanity; this is the essence of life. Service is the rent we pay for living!

Do you have abilities that mean nothing to you? They mean a lot to God! What matters is what God thinks and not how you feel about it(/them); He put those abilities there in the first instance.

Not deploying those gifts also makes you a generational thief, they were given to you not for you, but for the world or certain people.

It’s the height of disrespect to keep God waiting; to keep the world waiting while you hide the answers/values that they desperately need.

Good intention is never synonymous with obedience.

It’s either you responsible enough to begin where you are without delay, a step at a time or you are too irresponsible to even care.

Responsibility simply means: ‘Respond to your ability’…

Everyone is important because everyone has something to offer the world. Disability is only a thing of the mind!

It is YOU the world is waiting for, what are you waiting for?
Romans 8:19

NLT: For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are.

KJV: For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Explore your uniqueness. You are always MORE than you have ever achieved!‚Äč


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