“Senseless Timeliness”

Many times we have to make a choice between accuracy and timeliness. These two are of great importance in life.

Time is of the essence and a basic factor to be considered in everything.
Accuracy is also key, what is the point doing something that’ll be rejected or useless in the end?

When accuracy or a good degree of precision is lacking, time spent is wasted particularly if nothing was learnt in the process.
When time is despised, the tendency to get any wortwhile thing done is low and in some cases; non existent.

Following a thought provoking discussion I had with a dear and resourceful colleague yesterday, my submission is this:

If you really need to make a choice between the two, go for accuracy!
Whatever time you intend to gain by placing timeliness above accuracy will be lost in multiples by doing the task wrong. You will loose your goodwill and honour if you are known for “senseless timeliness” as against quality delivery in the end. Precision is priceless.

Direction is superior to speed any day! It doesn’t matter how far you have gone in the wrong direction or how many years you have spent doing the wrong thing; it won’t lead you to the right destination nor yield the right result! It only makes sense therefore, to get clarity of purpose/vision in respect to the task at hand. You will save yourself and your team untold hassles, needless pains and regrets.

Wisdom is the principal thing but in all thy getting; get UNDERSTANDING. that’s what the Bible admonishes.

Life is too short for experiments!

Ade Owolabi Says So!


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