Marital Mediocrity

Excellence is never automatic…It is conscious …it is deliberate… It is determined by you.
Mediocrity is simply FAILURE redefined!

If you still speak like you did 2years ago, your dress sense is not better; you still walk and talk anyhow, no discipline, no self leadership/governance,….you are just ‘YOU’… you simply can’t imagine how irritated I feel imagining your situation.

You can’t be MORE if you don’t improve and get BETTER! You owe it to Christ and to you!
I don’t mean change your application of key scriptural principles, I mean improve on yourself and develop yourself otherwise you’ll kill the YOU hidden in you. Men, that’s still MURDER; it’s only not a physical one.
Real learning tells on your personal development …it tells on your looks, attitude, disposition, career, marriage.. Couples, giving imbalance a place is like giving room to the devil! Why should your spouse have gotten way better than he/she was when you got married while you are just ‘complacently contented’ with being the wife/husband to the improving party? You are creating a vacuum that’ll bury your union if not attended to!

Wife; your husband is becoming techy and more fluent while you are just being a ‘good wife’?
Husband; your wife has taken some courses and improved her overall outlook while you are okay just sitting by and being introduced to others as “her husband”?
That vacuum is a trap! A grave to many unions! Beware!
It may not be scriptural to “look on another” but in many cases, it has become “necessarily induced” by a partner. God may not spare the adulterer/adulteress but you would have been a “privy party” to that wrong via your carelessness and ‘mediocritism’! Your marriage will not be better than you; Your marriage is not different from you, you are your marriage, be responsible!

Imagine that marriage is a business, how many of them will thrive in this era of steep competition? I permit you to look around and compare “businesses”, how would you say yours is rating now? Trendy? Or Tacky? C’mon, that’s not EXCELLENCE but repulsive!
Couples, please don’t remain there, exceed that status always! Make God PROUD!


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