Let me begin by rephrasing an old Chinese proverb in my own words.

It takes 20 years to grow a tree. The next best time to plant one is NOW. However, if you don’t plant one today, you are more likely not to plant one in 20 years.

I hope I don’t sound brutal? I realize that life just as much of the game some folks make it seem like.

Once idleness becomes your idol,
You can’t be more successful than a statue; trust me, that is me being nice.

Self deception reflects a level of folly like nothing else does.

An idle mind and hands ain’t useful to God, but are very previous and valuable to the devil.
If you ain’t working at your goals and dreams, you are simply a piece of work!

If you ain’t angry about doing nothing, it is clear that you are going nowhere.
Doing SOMETHING of value is proof that you’re going somewhere of note.

You can be alive and not be awake, may we all still be around by the time you wake up.

From my heart,
-Ade Owolabi


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