Sex from Scriptures

The full coloured simple, illustrated, down-to-earth, short/precise book touches a number of key areas. Let’s mention 30 of them quickly:*

Purpose for Sex, Why Some don’t Enjoy Sex, Intimacy, Orgasm, G-Spot, Premature Ejaculation (PME), ‘Turn Offs’, ‘Turn Ons’, Sex Lies/Misconceptions, Biblical Views/Keys, Virginity, Communication, Moan-Zones, Pornography, Masturbation.

Also, it touches certain areas as they relate to Sex! They include:
Touch, Sight, Talking, Health, Beauty, Spirituality, Initiative, Consideration, Duration, Mentality, Productivity, Fasting & Prayers, Love, Respect, Sexuality.

I love the section on Intimacy which is a major missing link between Sex and Lovemaking if you ask me!

Available in hard copies and E-copies
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